Mental Health Foundation - Social Worker

Job Description

The function of the Social Worker can be described as providing support and guidance to patients and their support systems in the field of social and material issues in order to create preconditions in their guidance areas.


With the main goal of providing support, structured guidance and advising the patient and his or her immediate support system for clients of the Faraja Daycare, Admission and Ambulant care, if required.

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  • The position requires knowledge, obtained through the educational background and experience in working as a Social Worker with Psychiatric clients.
  • The Social Worker knows and handles legislation and the issuing of rules with relation to mental health care and the relevant guidelines and protocols in its field.
  • Has knowledge of multicultural issues that influences treatment.
  • Guides students, trainees and interns, evaluates their learning goals and results.
    Participates in mid-term evaluations and final evaluations.


  • Work will be performed independently within the framework of policies, protocols and procedures and within the provisionally determined care plan.
  • Is working under supervision of the Faraja Coordinator, the Social Psychiatric Nurses and the Psychiatrist with regards to medical content and with regards to organizational matters under supervision of the Faraja Coordinator.
  • Considerable initiative is expected to tackle various coaching situations.

Social skills

  • This function requires well-developed social skills and self-confidence is necessary.


  • Integrity and reliability are required in guiding patients and in dealing with confidential patient data.
  • Ensures a respectful treatment of patients in compliance with privacy legislation.

Communicative skills

  • The function requires excellent verbal and written expressive skills for the leading of (complex) situations, the writing of reports and notes.
  • Verbal as well as writing skills in English and Dutch.
  • Excellent active listening skills

Other job requirements

  • Have excellent critical thinking skills.
  • A high level of social perceptiveness.
  • Required are a positive attitude, listening skills, empathy and tact.
  • Flexibility and team supportiveness are requirements as well as constructive communication skills.
  • Reliability, integrity, accuracy and the ability to adequately represent the MHF.
  • Self-knowledge with the ability for self-reflection.
  • Knowledge of St. Maarten’s Social Services and Labor Affairs System.
  • Minimum of one year of experience and knowledge of mental health/illness.
  • In possession of a driver’s license.
  • Has knowledge and understanding of multicultural issues.
  • High standards are set with regards to the employee’s patience and perseverance and the ability to deal with stresses and opposing interests that could occur in the function.

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