Mental Health Foundation - Psychiatrist/Medical Director

Job Description

This function is responsible for the development and implementation of the Medical policy of the Mental Health Foundation. The function also contributes to the organizational policies. The function manages the patient care, planning and registration. Supports the Board and Management Team of the Foundation and oversees the planning and control cycle. These objectives are achieved in close cooperation with the Financial and Operations Director.

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The Medical Director contributes to the strategic policy planning of the organization, including multiannual planning. The Medical Director implements clinical care and all of the involved policies within
the strategic framework of the Mental Health Foundation, defining objectives, outcomes, resources and schedules for activities and projects. Guarantees adequate treatments and guidance of patients/clients, individuals or groups, with consideration for their wishes, possibilities and restrictions, in support of obtaining cure or as much as possible an independent lifestyle for the patients/clients.

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Personal qualities

  • Leadership skills.
  • Ability to work within a team.
  • Flexible and positive attitude.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Strong personal drive and a commitment to achieving results.
  • The ability to meet deadlines.
  • Shows initiative to create new processes and procedures that relates to the objectives and goals of the Foundation.
  • Is able to work under pressure.
  • The function requires extensive influencing and negotiating skills.
  • Is confident of the decisions made and the ability to correct mistakes.
  • Able to communicate a clear vision and strategic direction and ability to motivate staff.
  • Positive and can-do attitude towards Management and Staff.

Specific skills

  • Responds proactively and speedily to situations where a troubleshooting approach may be needed across any department.
  • Must be able to deliver results/evolving services around staff and for patients.
  • Must demonstrate a high level of interpersonal communication skills.
  • Must demonstrate strong influencing and negotiating skills.
  • Must have a strong performance management work ethic.
  • The Medical Director will need to demonstrate strong and well-developed planning skills and have the capability to, not only in relation to the care products but organization wide, and work with other (new) care products to ensure that capacity issues are addressed strategically.
  • The Medical Director MHF will be expected to demonstrate a high degree of analysis and judgment.
  • The Medical Director MHF will be expected to demonstrate sufficient IT skills. And should be proficient in the use of Patient data programs, Quick Books, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other database programs.
  • The Financial & Operational Director MHF will be required to work with minimal supervision and will therefore need to demonstrate he or she can interpret overall health service policy and strategy, in order to establish goals and standards that are relevant to the organization and the different departments.
  • The function requires excellent writing skills in order to adequately report and write letters, both internally and externally addressed.
  • Verbal as well as written skills in English, and Dutch is necessary.

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