HBN Law & Tax - Legal Intern Curaçao

Job Description

HBN Law & Tax aims to be always there for both our clients and colleagues. In a continuously changing landscape, we believe we have to be on top of our game – each and every day. Therefore we are committed to providing a workplace that drives ambition and thus quality.

Are you looking for a great place to work and to start your career? Then do consider applying for an internship at HBN Law & Tax. Our iconic firm is the largest legal provider throughout the Dutch Caribbean with offices on every island (as well as in Amsterdam and Rotterdam). Our team and services are rapidly expanding, providing room to grow for young talent that is eager to flourish in our ambitious culture.

Can you picture yourself working in Curaçao? It will be a great experience. You will learn a lot, boost your resume and will enjoy quality leisure time at the fullest. Just board that plane and set your legal career off flying.


In two months you’ll get acquainted with our firm and our legal world. You’ll be assisting in procedures, join the court sessions and will draw up simple case files. Furthermore, you will be active in writing a diversity of dossier notes for different lawyers and will conduct literature and jurisprudence research. At the end of your internship, we’ll expect you to hold a presentation on a scholarly report about a current legal subject that you’ll decide upon with one of our lawyers.

Are you in the process of finishing your law degree (WO)? Do you have an average grade of 7 or above? Send a motivational email to hrm@hbnlawtax.com and attach your resume and transcript of the grades you obtained so far. Questions? Check out www.hbnlawtax.com or call +5999 434 3300.

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