White Yellow Cross Care Foundation

White Yellow Cross Care Foundation

The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation is a non-government not for profit organization that delivers high quality healthcare to all residents of Sint Maarten. Its three core departments, the Sint Martin’s Home, Sister Basilia Center and District Nursing deliver 10 different care products to its 400+ clientele. These care products are:

  • Elderly Care home (36 clients)
  • Nursing Care home (54 clients)
  • Rehabilitation center (8 clients)
  • Psycho-geriatric Daycare (20 clients)
  • SBC Residence (20 clients)
  • SBC Educational Facility (65 clients)
  • SBC Guided Living (12 clients)
  • Home Nursing Care (225 clients)
  • Home Care (15 clients)
  • Maternity care (20 – 30 yearly)

The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation provides client centered quality care in a warm and safe environment to all Sint Maarten residents in need of our services. This trusted CARE is supported by continuous learning opportunities for all employees. Together, we have a long-term commitment to quality care.

The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation strives to deliver sustainable trusted CARE. We want to identify and fulfill prevention, cure and care needs on Sint Maarten, for our residents and those of surrounding islands. This evolving and diverse environment offers career and personal development opportunities to our committed employees.

The chosen motto for our foundation is Trusted CARE. Trusted refers to what we are and what we do: we are reliable, dependable, we have a long term commitment to deliver high quality and safe care, we strive for excellence and have high regard for clients’ privacy by ensuring confidentiality. This supports us in our mission to be a trusted care provider on Sint Maarten.

Our foundation is staffed with 90% local employees who work in our different departments, like:
care teams (registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurses’ aides and group leaders), paramedical team (physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapy, social workers, dietician, diabetes nurse etc.) and support services (financial administration, front desk, kitchen, cleaning and laundry, maintenance, gardener and drivers).

The foundation is overseen by a long serving and dedicated board, supported by our management team. Its organization and management style is flat, with short lines of communication and easy access to key persons. Input of all staff is encouraged and a high level of independence of work is promoted and welcomed. The foundation is known for its innovations and continuous development of new care products to fill market needs. Permanent education of staff is key to support the foundation in its growth and development.

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