The Public Entity of Sint Eustatius

The Public Entity of Sint Eustatius

St. Eustatius has a glorious past. In its heyday it was one of the most important trading posts in the Caribbean area and was known as the Golden Rock. In those days St. Eustatius had around 10,000 inhabitants and that number doubled because of the crews on board the ships. At that time, the first official salute was also given to a United States ship from Fort Oranje.

 In the more recent past, Sint Eustatius has been confronted with a number of major challenges that have magnified the vulnerabilities. Apart from external vulnerabilities, the reason for the intervention by the National Government was that there are also internal vulnerabilities that affect the public administration.

 The public entity of Sint Eustatius is on the eve of a new phase in its development and facing the challenge of shaping the future in a balanced way, taking into account the vulnerabilities and building on the strength of the past. St. Eustatius is working on sustainable development in which strong roots, a blue economy and a green island approach, e-Statia and heritage are expressed.

 Our priorities are grouped around four themes: well-being, prosperity, circularity and good governance.

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