St. Maarten Laboratory Services

St. Maarten Laboratory Services

St. Maarten Laboratory Services N.V. (SLS) is the national medical and water laboratory for country St. Maarten since September 1st, 2008. SLS is a young, dynamic and fast growing organization with over 40 years of experience in providing quality service to our clients. We serve in-patients, outpatients, government and the private sector in St. Maarten, Saba, St. Eustatius and other laboratories.

Our mission is to be the beacon of the Caribbean by providing a total solution for our clients by;

• Investing in its human capital leading to highly motivated and qualified personnel
• Providing a comprehensive testing portfolio
• Tangible Quality housed in a Quality Management System
• The right test, the right result within the right time frame
• Exceeding the expectations of our clients

SLS consists of several departments;

The Pre- and Post-Analytics department comprises of Phlebotomy and a Distribution Center. This department is the first contact that patients have with SLS. Once patients submit their request forms, they then go to the Phlebotomy Center where experienced phlebotomists draw the patient’s blood, and receive urine and stool samples. The samples are then taken to the Distribution Center where they are sorted and distributed to the respective departments for further testing.

The Microbiology & Parasitology department is a small department consisting of 2 highly trained technologists. This department is gradually expanding in the type of testing and methods being used. Some of the testing & methods we use are MRSA & ESBL BRMO screening, Antibiotic sensitivity & bacteria identification using the Vitek, Amoeba Cyst, Occult blood, etc…just to name a few.

Clinical Chemistry and Hematology department is our core business. A range of routine and special analysis are carried out by our team of ten. We use the Sysmex Hematology analyzer for CBC Complete Blood count, Vitros 5600 Chemistry analyzer where routine tests are performed, Cobas Immuno analyzer, Clinitek, for Urine testing, Diamed Coagulation, Diamed Bloodtyping gel method, IIFT and Elisa for chikungunya and dengue diagnostics, Bio-rad D10 for HB profiling and Sickle Cell diagnostics, etc. The laboratory has automated its ELISA’s using Dynec DS2 automated analyzer. Recently, serum protein electrophoresis and ANA screening and typing have been added on.

Another extension of SLS is the Environmental Laboratory. There, bacteriological and chemical tests are performed on different bodies of water. Currently, SLS carries out tests on drinking water that is produced at local reverse osmosis water plants. In addition, tests are also carried out on the drink water distributed by GEBE the utilities company, imported drinking water and effluent waters. SLS is working very closely with the Public Health Sector and VROMI in keeping the quality of drinking water up to par.

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