Pro-Tec Mechanical Contractors Aruba NV

Pro-Tec Mechanical Contractors Aruba NV

Founded in 1995 and grown into a 100+ team members at present day, Pro-Tec is focusing on design, realization, and lifetime care of mechanical installations for buildings to allow maximum comfort for its users while implementing the highest levels of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our customers are mainly in the hospitality sector, light commercial/office sector and residential buildings.

Pro-Tec is a strategic partner to world class technology providers such as Trane USA, Mitsubishi Electric, Belimo and Blygold.

Since April 2022 Pro-Tec has moved to a new location, including showroom, offices, warehouse and workshops.

Since September 2022, Pro-Tec is a proud member of the Dutch based Van Dorp group (, underlining Pro-Tec’s ambition for further development in sustainable technologies.

With a clear vision to be the leading company on Aruba in innovative solutions in mechanical engineering / HVAC, Pro-Tec is building a winning culture in its team based on professionalism, reliability and a “Yes we can” mentality.

To further fuel our growth, Pro-Tec is looking for starting and experienced professionals with a passion for technology, helping customers and teamwork. Interested? Let’s talk.
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