Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire

Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire

The Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB) is Bonaire’s local government. It employs approximately 300 people. The OLB consists of four directorates that jointly perform all public tasks. The organization consists of the following directorates: Bestuur & Ondersteuning (B&O-Operations & Support), Samenleving & Zorg (S&Z- Community & Care), Toezicht & Handhaving (T&H- Supervision & Enforcement) and Ruimte & Ontwikkeling (R&O- Spatial Planning & Development). The directorates themselves also consist of various departments and all directorates have a director. These directors report to the Island Secretary. The Executive Council, comprising of three commissioners, the Island Secretary and the Lieutenant Governor conducts the day-to-day management of the organization. The Island Council, consisting of nine members, forms the Governing Board. When you work for the Public Entity of Bonaire, you contribute to the development of Bonaire and to the services provided to the citizens of Bonaire.

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