Operating from the Caribbean, Curoil is centrally located and internationally orientated. Curoil serves clients from all over the globe. An important part of our ambition is to contribute to all the communities we serve. Our core values, such as transparency and reliability, are reflected in all our operations and actions.

What’s important for Curoil
Curoil is a reliable partner in business through the delivery of a variety of high-quality oil and gas products and related services serving local, regional and international markets. The company has a pro-active strategy cooperating with governments and business partners on all levels. Curoil employs over 200 people.  Curoil Group has four subsidiary companies: Curgas NV and Curoil Gas Stations NV in Curaçao, Curoil Bonaire NV on the island of Bonaire and Curoil (Aruba) Freezone NV on the island of Aruba.

On Curaçao, Curoil is the exclusive supplier of Mogas 95, Low Sulfur Diesel and Kerosene to twenty-seven gas stations of which four are owned and managed by the company. Low Sulfur Diesel is also offered to industrial clients. In addition, Curoil offers bitumen to clients for the maintenance and construction of roads.

Furthermore, propane gas is distributed to households and commercial users by subsidiary Curgas NV. This company is also responsible for the filling of gas cylinders, distribution by trucks and for the storage of gas.

On Bonaire, subsidiary Curoil Bonaire NV is responsible for the supply and distribution of all petroleum products for the local market i.e. for households, companies and small commercial users. These petroleum products include propane gas, gasoline and Low Sulfur Diesel. On the island one gasstations is managed by Curoil while the others are privately owned. The supply of propane cylinders and other products are shipped from Curaçao to Bonaire on a regular basis.

Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao (The ABC Islands), home to Curoil’s operational entities, are strategically located at the crossing point of the Western and Eastern hemisphere. Due to the ABC islands’ deep natural harbors and excellent facilities, they have been a popular destination for ships of all sizes since the beginning of the 20th century.
For ships and airplanes from all over the globe, The ABC Islands are an ideal location to refuel and conduct maintenance, which is demonstrated by Curoil’s international client list.

The Curaçao Refinery – operated by PDVSA – ensures a steady flow of products. Curoil has a large storage capacity of approximately 600,000 barrels in place, especially for bunkering, leasing and cargo activities.

Curoil is the exclusive supplier of aviation fuels, lubricants and related services at Hato International Airport in Curaçao and Flamingo Airport in Bonaire.
Curoil provides services to international commercial, cargo and private planes of all sizes, including wide body airplanes. Available products are Jet A-1, Aviation Gasoline and lubricants for aircrafts.
Curoil is able to deliver a short turnaround time. This is an important factor for airlines in general, but in particular for cargo airlines.
Curoil offers onshore, inshore and offshore bunkering services to a variety of clients worldwide, such as container vessels, bunker only vessels, refinery vessels, military vessels, oil rigs, cruise ships and mega yachts.
Onshore bunkers are offered via pipeline or truck. For inshore and offshore bunkering services, Curoil has its own fleet – barges and a tanker – in place, serving clients in the territorial waters of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. Curoil also provides cargo deliveries to the Caribbean area.

Curoil operates according to the highest international and environmental standards. Its key products are ISO-certified and delivered under well-known international standards such as the Shell Airport Operations procedures.

In general, Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the company’s fundamentals, resulting in regular contributions to the local communities of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.

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