Benevolent Foundation Saba

Benevolent Foundation Saba

The Benevolent Foundation Saba (BFS) manages ‘The Home’, a care institution for elderly and disabled people on the island of Saba.

The Home wants to support their clients with service-centered care and services tailored to the individual needs of the client with respect, interest, enthusiasm and expertise. Preserving autonomy, identity, self-esteem and quality of life of the individual client are core concepts.

The Home offers residence to approximately 17 clients.

In 2016 BFS in conjunction with the Island Government of Saba developed the LIFE Activity Center, a center dedicated to increasing quality of life and independence for elderly & disabled residents of Saba through recreation, education and socialization. LIFE stands for Love, Independence For Elders and has two locations on Saba.

Following the success of the LIFE Activity center, BFS and the Island Government of Saba are partnering again to set up LIFE+, an activity program specifically geared to adult citizens battling mental health issues and/or addiction issues. In line with the values of BFS, the goal of the program is to increase their quality of life and stimulate a healthy participation in society.

Benevolent Foundation Saba and Saba Health Care Foundation (the Medical Center of Saba) are sister organizations and share the same Board of Directors and Supervisory Board.

Both organizations work close together and share resources where possible.


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