Aruba Investment Bank

Aruba Investment Bank

With over 25 years of experience AIB has built a reputation for getting things done. A creation of Aruba’s enterprising and innovative spirit, AIB has continuously adapted to meet the island’s needs and has grown to serve the region. Services such as project financing, financial and advisory services, and agent bank services, were added to the portfolio. A special Fund for development projects in the public sector (FDA) was also established, together with a PPP vehicle intended to build, manage, and maintain government properties (SOGA). Today, AIB offers an unmatched range of integrated, financial, economic, and management services and has over Afl. 2.5 billion in assets (USD 1.4 billion) under its management.


AIB BANK conducts business in Aruba, the Dutch Caribbean, and across the Caribbean region.

Licensing and Supervision

AIB BANK is licensed by the Central Bank of Aruba to pursue the business of a credit institution and as such falls under the direct supervision of this authority. AIB must also comply with the specific requirements of the State Ordinance for the Prevention and Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and the financial sanctions regulations.


AIB BANK is a privately owned company with shares held by local and international financial institutions and individual shareholders.

Corporate Governance

AIB Bank has a two-tier board structure consisting of the management Board and the Supervisory Board, ensuring proper checks and balances.

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